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Our professionalism has won us positive feedback from numerous satisfied clients!

Henry Gibson

Because of the constant flooding of my attic during the rains, I was not certain if somebody would be willing to purchase my house, and provide me with the right price. But thanks to Idle Buyer, I’m done away with all the needless worrying!

Cameron Greenwood
Matrix Design

I’m really impressed with the free house valuation provided by Idle Buyer, because of which I was able to deduce the right price at which I could sell my house. Without their help, I would not have been able to sell my house successfully.

Josh Holland
Two Pesos

I know it is hard to trust any property buyer nowadays, but Idle Buyer is indeed a credible property buyer, and they help you with all the legal paperwork as well, so that your anxiety is minimized to a large extent!


For those of you who are desperately in a situation that requires you to sell your house as quickly as profitable, and without having to compromise on the value aspect of it, there’s good news for you! Idle Buyer is a London Property Buyer, which specializes in this field, with complete assurance that you will receive the best value for your house within a matter of few days!

Accurate Property Valuation

The prerequisite for every successful house sale is the right property valuation, and contrary to popular belief, even the ugliest houses, or properties situated in unfriendly neighborhoods, or houses with inherent structural or design-related flaws are worthy of proper valuation depending upon their merits, as opposed to their demerits. So in case you are facing certain issues selling your property because of certain demerits, you have certainly come to the right place. The best property selling tactics are dependent upon how well you focus on their advantages, and thereon how correctly you evaluate the right value for selling it successfully to the right buyer. To find out more about the do’s and don’ts of property selling, and to gain handy tips on property valuation, please feel free to register with us today!

Why Sell Your Property to Idle Buyer

When it comes to such a big decision as selling your house, a lot of scrutiny and analysis is important so that you are absolutely certain of taking the right decision. That is precisely the point that we are trying to make at Idle Buyer. Not only do we guarantee you of our authenticity and reliability, we also make sure that we give you plenty of reasons why you should sell your property to us:-

  • Seasoned Real Estate Professionals with immense experience in the field of property valuation, sale and purchase
  • Vast Network and Reach of Properties all over London
  • Absolutely no fees charged in the name of brokerage or commission
  • No hidden charges and price guarantee of the amount confirmed at the time of valuation
  • Quick, Genuine and Hassle Free, Hundred Percent Cash Offer on the Spot
  • Free Legal Assistance and After-Sales Feedback
  • Instant Purchase of Your House Irrespective of Condition or Neighborhood


Competitive Offer with Suitable Time Scale

Nowhere else in the market will you be able to find the kind of price and time scale that we are unveiling for you at Idle Buyer. We are able to achieve such a feat, solely owing to our large number of years in the field of Real Estate, which has immensely enriched our experience and expertise in this regard, and thereby strengthening our reach of numerous types and locations of properties all over London. When it comes to selling your property for instant cash, with no hassles whatsoever, you can absolutely trust us. Our past credentials and the positive feedback that we have received from our highly satisfied clients so far, definitely testify our authenticity and credibility in this area!